What Technology Do You Use?

Intelligent Cutting Solutions (ICS) uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet machines that have the fastest cutting speeds and highest accuracy in the industry.

Taper Compensation: automatic taper compensation. This consists of an articulating wrist that eliminates stream lag and kerf taper errors. This results in the most accurate cuts while maintaining higher speeds.

5-Axis and Bevel Cuts: Dynamic XD™ cutting head technology that can cut bevels up to 60°. This allows us to cut complex 3D shapes. The cutting head wrist articulation has a motion capability of up to 89°.

FlowCut® Software: Instantly translates most design files into a waterjet pathing software. This allows us to create the program for most parts within a few minutes, saving you time and money. The software also has a fully integrated 3D modeling module, which allows for programming 3D (5-Axis) and beveled cutting. 

HyperJet® 94i-S Intensifier Pump: Delivers 94,000 PSI which almost doubles the cutting speed from most conventional waterjet pump systems.

Flow waterjet machine

How Our Waterjet Works

Our waterjet systems have 3 components: the 94,000 PSI pump, the machine, and our control system. The stages that our machines go through are: 

  • 1. The ultra-high pressure pump generates a stream of water.
  • 2. The pressure that is generated is then converted into velocity through a small jewel orifice in the machine. This creates a stream that has the same breadth as human hair and can cut through soft surfaces.
  • 3. The garnet is then introduced to the stream of water, which increases its cutting power. The garnet and water then exit the machine and have the capability of cutting hard and thick metals.

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