What is Pure Waterjet Cutting?

There are two types of waterjet: pure and abrasive. The combination of these processes can cut through almost any material. Pure waterjet relies solely on the pressure and speed of the stream to penetrate materials.

In pure waterjet cutting, the highly pressurized water stream pierces through softer materials such as foam, plastic, paper, etc. This was the original method that was developed and it offers very quick cuts. Pure waterjet cutting has also been used in the food industry where there are strict health regulations. some of the most common applications we see at ICS for pure waterjet cutting are Paper gaskets, Rubber gaskets, Insulation, and Foam tool trays 

Pure waterjet cutting

In applications where pure waterjet cutting is not the solution, we also offer abrasive waterjet cutting. Abrasive waterjet cutting is a process that is very similar to that of pure waterjet, with the exception that it adds an abrasive garnet material to the high-pressure water stream.

The addition of an abrasive garnet makes cutting through hard, thick materials possible. With the help of this garnet and our 94,000 PSI pump, we are able to cut the strongest of metals.  Some of the most common abrasive waterjet cutting projects that ICS has worked on include:

  • Metal gears
  • Metal flat patterns for brackets
  • Rough blanks for the aerospace industry
  • Phenolic plastics for electrical systems 
  • Armor plates 

You can learn more about these processes and what sets them apart in our blog; Pure vs. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting- What’s the Difference?