What Value-Added Services Do You Offer?

In Addition to waterjet cutting ICS offers deburring, sandblasting, and supply chain management.

Deburring services

ICS offers various types of deburring including precision hand deburring, tumbling, blending, polishing, and de-tabbing.  

Sandblasting services

ICS has sandblasting cabinets large enough to accommodate up to 250lbs worth of parts at a time through our sister company, Lynn Welding. ​This is an easy and affordable way to clean parts and prep them for the painting/coating processes. 

Supply Chain Management 

ICS offers a stock & release program, vendor-managed inventory, material sourcing, and delivery logistics.

ICS can manage the production of your components from start to finish. With the capabilities of Lynn Welding, we can see your parts through to completion.

About Lynn Welding

What started as a small one-man welding shop has turned into a company that is considered the ultimate solution when complex welding and machining assignments arise. The ability to weld, machine, and fabricate entire assemblies is what makes them truly unique.

Lynn Welding started in 1979 under Jim Inglis who began welding brackets out of his home. Since then Lynn Welding has grown tremendously and now has over 70 employees. They hold an extensive list of qualifications and are widely respected in the aerospace community. 

Lynn Welding is NADCAP-approved, ITAR-certified, AWS D17.1 certified, AS9100d certified, and ISO9001 certified. Lynn welding is also proud to be a supporting member of the American Welding Society

Please visit our site for more information on value-added services.

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