What Is Your Table Size?

ICS has large table sizes to accommodate all types of projects.

At ICS we have 4 Flow waterjet machines. Two of our waterjet machines have a larger table size of 10' x 14', allowing us to tackle projects of all sizes. Our other two machines have a table size of  5' X 10' and 5" x 6'. Waterjet machines come in a variety of sizes and have varying amounts of power as well. When evaluating which machine configuration was best we considered both production and productivity needs. 

Our goal at ICS is to be able to exceed customers' expectations and a large part of that is being able to accommodate all their projects regardless of the size. These table sizes do not limit us in the projects we have the capabilities to take on and make our services more versatile. Our technology also features automatic taper compensation, Dynamic XD heads, FlowCut software, and a HyperJet® 94i-S Intensifier Pump which delivers 94,000 PSI.

Dynamic DX cutting head: Our two largest machines feature Dynamic XD heads which allow ICS to cut complex 3D parts. This cutting head has a wrist articulation of up to 89 degrees and a vertical travel of 12in. 

FlowCut software: The FlowCut software that ICS utilizes also serves to be the machine's control center. FlowCut algorithms and cutting models are the most advanced in the world, this saves our team hours of programming and passes along savings to you.

HyperJet® 94i-S Intensifier Pump: The HyperJet® intensifier pump is the most advanced and robust high-pressure waterjet pump system on the market. With 94k HyperPressure technology, this technology allows us to cut faster and increase production all while reducing costs.

waterjet table


For more information about the technology we use, visit our technology page on the ICS website.