How is Pricing Calculated?

ICS prices out our jobs on an hourly basis which is consistent with the majority of the industry.

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ICS prices out our jobs using an hourly rate, this rate is multiplied by the amount of cutting time it will take to complete each piece within an order. There are a few things that impact the cutting time, thickness, and hardness. Therefore these also affect the pricing of your parts. Thicker and harder materials have a longer cut time, making them more expensive. 

While many assume that waterjet cutting is a pricier option for cutting methods, it is actually one which has a large opportunity for cost savings. while options such as laser cutting may be cheaper at first glance, the heating of the material during the process usually ruins any tempering or heat treatments previously done. This makes it critical to spend more time and money on having secondary heat treatments done to restore the material's strength. Waterjet cutting, on the other hand, is a cold-cutting process, meaning it maintains its original strength throughout the cutting process. Waterjet cutting also eliminates the need for finishing services, such as heavy deburring or slag removal, after the cuts are complete. 

Waterjet cuttings also have the opportunity to reduce cutting costs by having very small kerf in comparison to other processes. This means you can save on waste disposal and raw materials. 

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