What Materials Can Be Cut?

Waterjet machines are extremely versatile and can cut almost any material.

Our Machines can cut metals & alloys, glass, stone & ceramic, composites, rubber, plastics, foam, and staked/laminated materials. 

Stone & Ceramic 

Most of our stone and ceramic jobs come from the architecture industry. The versatility of our waterjet allows for a wide variety of applications in regards to this material. 

Metals & Alloys 

The abrasive waterjet cutting of aerospace alloys and metals is our most common request. Some of the most popular metals and alloys we cut include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, steel, copper, Inconel, and 4130.


Our machines feature UltraPierce technology allows us to properly dwell at the pierce point when introducing the stream hole without cracking the glass. Most types of glass are capable of being cut with a waterjet, with the exception of tempered glass. 


The most common composites we work with include graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, reinforced plastic, and composite foams. The low impact stream our machines can produce eliminates delamination, whiskering, and cracking. 

Rubber, Plastics & Foam 

At ICS, we typically cut rubber, glass, reinforced plastic, and composite foams. Since we use the latest Flow waterjet machines, we can produce a very narrow water stream with extremely clean cuts. 

Stacked & Laminated 

Abrasive waterjet cutting on stacked materials, allows us to optimize output by cutting several inches of material in one pass. When waterjet cutting laminated materials, we can also cut through multiple layers of material at once.