What Should I Include In My Design Files?

In order to ensure your parts are cut as quickly as possible, it's important you make sure your files meet specific requirements.

Your files should have 

Correct Scaling: The files you send us should accurately portray the exact size you want your pieces cut to (1:1 scale). If your design needs to be re-scaled please speak to one of our team members directly. 

Singular Part: The Files you upload should contain only a singular part, not multiples of the same part to reflect the expected quantities. We will arrange your parts in the most efficient way possible to ensure we reduce material waste. Once you submit a file with a singular part design you can then instruct us on the quantities you are looking for. 

All Text Into Shapes/Outlines: Make sure all text is converted to an outline or a shape. This is an easy process that can be done directly within the CAD software or in Illustrator.  

Your files should NOT have 

Intersecting Lines: When submitting your files make sure that no lines within the design overlap or intersect with each other. You can ensure the file is set up properly by viewing your design in outline mode. 

Open Contours: Files submitted should not have any open contours or gaps in the drawings. All shapes within your design should be connected all the way around. If a line stops in the drawing than the stream of the waterjet will stop when the job is put on the machine.