What Is The Max Thickness on Material Cut?

ICS can cut material up to 11" in thickness

The flow waterjet machines used at ICS allow for varying materials to be cut at varying thicknesses. The waterjets are not very limited in what they can cut however the tolerances will vary depending on how thick the material is that is being cut. Tight tolerances are kept when cutting materials under 4" thick, those tolerances loosen as thicker materials are cut. 

Despite having varying tolerances andheat-affectedcosts a difference in edge quality, the benefits of using a waterjet machine do not decrease when working on thicker materials. Even when cutting thick materials the waterjet does not create any thermal distortion, mechanical stress, or a heat affected zone. In addition, our technology still allows for tight nesting to occur, even with thick materials being cut. This allows for further material usage and cost savings. Edge quality does tend to decrease slightly as you cut thicker and harder materials, you can see examples of varying edge qualities HERE.


ICS uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet technology which is known for having the greatest accuracy in the industry. As previously stated the accuracy varies depending on the material thickness, the chart below shows the tolerances which can be held on various thicknesses using our machines.

Material Thickness Range

















Plan on near-net shape


For a full list of tolerances that can be held at varying thicknesses check out our precision cutting page