What Is Edge Quality?

Edge Quality refers to how rough or smooth the edges of a cut appear.

The resulting edge from a cut is based on the speed a material is cut at. At ICS we have 4 edge quality options available to our customers.

80% Finish

The fastest cutting speed has an 80% resulting finished edge. This typically has very visible lines called striations. This is best suited for an application where the edge quality is not important or it will be machined after.

60% Finish

60% is a medium-rough cut. The striations are not as noticeable as the 80% finish, and the pieces take a bit longer to be cut on the machines.

40% Finish

40% is a decent finish and is achieved by slowing down the travel speed of the waterjet stream. This is our standard cut and is most often chosen by our customers.

The graphics below show the differences in edge quality at varying speeds. 

20% Finish

20% is a very high-quality finish and is also the most accurate with a tolerance range of +/- .003”. This finish operates on the slowest cutting speed.

Depending on the surface finish produced, you can often avoid having to add on expensive finishing processes. This creates a more efficient process and saves you time and money during your project's completion.

The graphics below depict varying finishes on 1.5" aluminum. 


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